Creative Messaging on PBS


Striking the right tone with your creative message on PBS can make all the difference. Creative that aligns with the non-commercial tone of PBS has been proven to resonate better with PBS viewers — and get noticed more!  

PBS follows FCC Guidelines for messaging on non-commercial media. While a television spot airing on commercial TV can also be acceptable on PBS, our team can work with you to develop a custom spot for PBS, or tweak an existing spot to meet guidelines. We will work hand in hand with you or your agency, or, we have our own highly experienced in-house creative team that knows exactly what works best on our air and can do the work for you!

View or download these documents to get the complete story on PBS guidelines and the creative approval approcess.  You can also view examples of successful sponsor creative from embedded links.



You can also check out examples of sponsor spots for both Primetime and Kids in the ”Sponsors” section of our website.


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