PBS is a Safe, Trusted Environment for Your Brand

How much do you trust each organization?

Source: Marketing & Research Resources, Inc. (M&RR) January 2018

Only PBS Delivers Break-Free, Uninterrupted Programming

PBS’s uninterrupted content has far fewer commercials, and is a better experience for sponsors and viewers

Stand Out from the Commercial Clutter

PBS has fewer spots than any other network

Source: Kantar Media, Mon-Sat 8-11p, Sun 7-11p October 2017 (9/25/17-10/29/17). Figures reflect average national commercial minutes & spots per primetime hour. Includes programs that are at least one hour. Includes network promos.

Ad Engagement is Higher on PBS

Viewers are more likely to pay attention to sponsor messages on PBS

Source: SGPTV Harris Poll. Feb 2015. Nielsen Consumer Insights

PBS Sponsorships Improve Brand Perception

The PBS "Halo Effect": Viewers believe PBS sponsors have a greater commitment to quality and excellence

Source: SGPTV Harris Poll. Feb 2015. Nielsen Consumer Insights

PBS Sponsorships Turn More Viewers Into Buyers

PBS viewers prefer to buy from brands that sponsor PBS

Source: SGPTV Harris Poll. Feb 2015. Nielsen Consumer Insight

Moms Support PBS KIDS Sponsors

Moms are more likely to purchase a product from a company that sponsors...

Source: ORC Parent Caravan Study April 2014

Reach Moms with a PBS KIDS Sponsorship

Moms watch PBS KIDS, too! Nearly half of the PBS KIDS audience is 18+.

Source: Nielsen NTI Live+7 average audience Oct'16-Sept'17. PBS Kids Average audience composition among kids 2–17 and adults 18+ | NTI Live+7 Nielsen National NPOWER Reach & Frequency Report 1min qualifier, M-F 6a-7p, Q2 2017

Reach a Premium Audience

PBS delivers a premium audience of affluent, educated, influential consumers

Source: 2017 Doublebase GfK MRI | 2016 Erdos & Morgan Opinion Leaders Study

Expand Reach with Multiplatform Sponsor Benefits

Extend broadcast with digital, events and custom benefits


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