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A Perfect Match: The Insurance Category is Open for Sponsorship on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW

An ANTIQUES ROADSHOW sponsorship is category-exclusive and has been locked up by Liberty Mutual for 15 years. But beginning in 2021, a new insurance brand can own this category and become a corporate sponsor of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. Take a look at this video and see how an insurance brand is the perfect sponsor for ANTIQUES ROADSHOW.

In addition to linear TV, digital, a new podcast and social exposure, an ANTIQUES ROADSHOW sponsorship is a unique opportunity for insurance brands to engage directly with prospects. ROADSHOW sponsor are on the ground at all ROADSHOW taping events, talking with potential customers and generating sales leads.

Learn what made the partnership between ROADSHOW and Liberty Mutual so successful. Contact us for a case study, details on sponsorship, pricing information and more!


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