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Wild Kratts is an animated kids program that travels the world in search of amazing new animals. Each episode of this laugh-out-loud comedy adventure explores an age-appropriate science concept central to an animal's life, from the cute and cuddly to the awesome and bizarre. From meeting a young elephant who uses the physics of suction to bring water into her trunk, to poison arrow frogs who use chemistry as their defense, viewers learn that animals can take you anywhere in science. Sponsorship of Wild Kratts on PBS offers multi-platform opportunities for engagement.

On-Air Sponsor Benefits

  • Two 15-second on-air spots per broadcast
  • Airs daily Monday-Friday
  • Clutter-free broadcast environment
  • Category exclusivity

Off-Air Sponsor Benefits

  • Linked logo on the series homepage on PBS KIDS website (
  • Logo on downloadable printables
  • Linked logo at the bottom of every page on the Wild Kratts section of PBS Parents website (
  • Special "Corporate Sponsors" page with promotional text and link to sponsor spot and website on Wild Kratts section of PBS Parents (
  • Drop down linked logo on full episodes of Wild Kratts on PBS KIDS video player
  • Visibility across Wild Kratts social media pages
  • Use of Wild Kratts tune-in logo for sponsor packaging, promotional items, etc.
  • Use of Wild Kratts artwork for 90-day licensing promotion
  • Acknowledgement on new Wild Kratts DVDs created during the sponsorship term
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  • Science